Lain Kothe

Hello, my name is Lain, and I am a part of the middle working class in America. I would like to share with you just a little bit about my immediate family’s life right now. I am a part of the younger generation, which has turned many off of taking my words into consideration, but I’m asking now for someone to listen. My family, though we’re better off than some other families, are still living paycheck to paycheck. My mother is a retired teacher, my father an oil field worker who recently was diagnosed with cancer. I am a college student. Due to high college prices, my own illness, Cystic Fibrosis, and my dad’s cancer, it has been a fight in recent years for us to make ends meet. Interest keeps climbing, as well as the price of medicines and treatments and, really, everything in our American society. I remember it wasn’t always this way: there was a time when everyday items like groceries were less than a hundred dollars to get with each trip to a grocery store. It feels like an unattainable dream to hope that our American society and economy could ever become that again. My hope is that, should RFK. Jr, get into office, he could be the start of making that seemingly unattainable dream a reality.