Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts

Hi! I'm the South Carolina Campaign Director. I'm also a SC Artist-in-Residence, musician, teacher, life coach, and organic gardener who would love for you to join me in helping Mr. Kennedy become our next president!

Why I support RFK Jr

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I'm not proud of what America has become and I know it can become something better. Mr. Kennedy is the key.

I'm tired of Big Pharma and those who have no problem making exorbitant profit from chronic illness and sickness. I'm tired of companies that knowingly sell products that cause cancer and damage our food supply.

I'm tired of the current political climate. I am tired of politicians telling convenient lies instead of the ugly truth. Until we hear the ugly truth, nothing can improve. 

I have met Mr. Kennedy on three occasions and have been very impressed with how authentically honest and genuinely nice he is. Mr. Kennedy isn’t afraid to say things that others might think, but don't dare say out loud. He's an environmental lawyer who has stood up for families and individuals who have been harmed by greedy companies and the poisons they dump into our world. He's fought for them and he's won. I believe in him and I believe in his ability to set America on a better path.

Learn more by watching all of his videos on this site and reading his books. 

It's time for an Independent to be our next president. It's time for Mr. Kennedy.

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