Kennedy Campaigns In Charleston As Supporters Tout SC As Key to Victory

The Well News reports:

The line of cars extended three-quarters of a mile up Meeting Street Road, as the candidate strode into a side door at The Wonderer, the self-described “social and wellness club” that was the venue for the evening’s campaign event.

Dismissed by some of the mainstream media as a kook and conspiracy theorist for his very “anti” position on COVID vaccine, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. seemed anything but as he entered the suite of conference rooms populated by a few staffers and a smattering of early-arriving reporters.

Trim and fit in a blue shirt and tailored slacks, he seemed the embodiment of quiet, solidly-grounded equilibrium.

No glad-hander, despite his running for the Democratic nomination for president, Kennedy offered a quick wave to a reporter whose eye he caught as he entered. A moment later, after a brief stop in one of the side rooms, he reemerged to say a quick hello as he was ushered to a waiting TV interviewer.

“Hi,” he said, extending his hand. “I’m Bobby Kennedy.”

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