Kennedy Campaign Launches RFK Activate App to Empower Volunteers

LOS ANGELES, CA—MAY 9, 2024—Today, Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched the RFK Activate app to organize and empower hundreds of thousands of grassroots volunteers working nationwide on the campaign. 

“Our movement has long relied on digital innovation to connect volunteers working together for change,” said Campaign Director Amaryllis Kennedy. “We’re thrilled to offer our volunteers this powerful new tool to take the campaign with them to the streets.”

The app serves as a digital mobile headquarters where volunteers can access campaign materials, network with other Kennedy supporters, and sign up for activities including petition drives, phone banking, canvassing, and more. 

Volunteers can now activate their community, stay informed on campaign and election news, recruit locals to increase their influence on the election, and help get out the vote.

The Kennedy campaign has launched a robust ballot access plan to ensure the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket is on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

The Kennedy-Shanahan ticket is officially on the ballot in four states — Utah, Michigan, California, and Delaware. The campaign has collected enough signatures for ballot access in eight other states — New Hampshire, Nevada, Hawaii, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, and Ohio.

On May 1, the Kennedy campaign released results from a Zogby poll showing Kennedy beats both Presidents Biden and Trump in head-to-head matchups. Trump defeats Biden handily. Kennedy beats President Trump in a two-way race, by a tight margin. In a two-way race between Kennedy and President Biden, Kennedy wins in a landslide. Kennedy is the first independent ever to defeat both major party candidates in head-to-head matchups.

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