Kennedy Campaign Ballot Access Fully Funded

NASHVILLE, TN—MAY 16, 2024—Today, the Kennedy campaign announced it has secured its funding to fulfill ballot access in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Vice Presidential Candidate Nicole Shanahan provided $8 million of additional funding in April to ensure Americans get a third option at the ballot box this fall.

“This isn’t just about funding our own campaign,” said Shanahan. “We want to liberate presidential elections from the grip of the existing two-party duopoly, and revitalize American democracy.” 

“Nobody thinks the Democrat-Republican domination of our system is a good thing. Since their candidates are so unpopular, this year is the perfect time to challenge it.”

The Kennedy-Shanahan ticket is officially on the ballot in six states — Utah, Michigan, California, Delaware, Oklahoma, and Texas. The campaign has collected enough signatures for ballot access in eight other states — New Hampshire, Nevada, Hawaii, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, and Ohio

The campaign has collected the signatures needed for ballot access in 14 states, totaling 187 electoral votes, 35% of the 538 total electoral votes nationwide. The campaign will announce one to three new states per week.

“The expense of ballot access — in both time and treasure — is one of the establishment’s most powerful cudgels against independent political thought,” said Campaign Manager Amaryllis Kennedy. “Americans demand and deserve an alternative to the broken status quo. We are thrilled to put these funds to work crossing the finish line in all 50 states plus DC.”

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