Kennedy Campaign Launches Affiliate Program to Compensate Volunteers Who Grow Our Grassroots Movement

LOS ANGELES, CA—MAY 16, 2024—Today, Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched the Kennedy Affiliate Program that commissions volunteers for a percentage of any donations, merchandise sales, and event tickets they solicit for the campaign.

Kennedy believes every American who works hard should be able to afford a good life. As a result of the last two Administration’s inflationary spending and foreign wars, the rising cost of food, housing, childcare, and other essentials is forcing Americans to work more hours while barely making ends meet.

The campaign’s affiliate program is aimed at helping our grassroots volunteers support themselves and their families while they advocate for a more prosperous future.

"We launched this program to increase our reach while also compensating our hardworking field volunteers and professional ad affiliates,” said Kennedy campaign Deputy Digital Director Audra Gold. “By signing up for our affiliate program, volunteers can get paid by promoting campaign merchandise and events, and encouraging supporters to make donations.”

The Kennedy Affiliate Program, launched in partnership with LinkConnector, allows volunteers to receive commission for the funds they raise, both online and out in the streets.

The program works by assigning participants a personalized URL and QR code that ensures volunteers share in a percentage of any donations they solicit for the campaign via door hangers, flyers, social media posts, blogs, or podcasts. 

“Through direct, customized integration with LinkConnector’s Affiliate Marketing Network, Team Kennedy is seamlessly leveraging the power and advantages of performance marketing to empower campaign volunteers in their fundraising efforts using the Kennedy affiliate program,” said LinkConnector President Choots Humphries.

Earlier this month, the Kennedy campaign launched the RFK Activate app to organize and empower hundreds of thousands of grassroots volunteers working nationwide on the campaign. The app serves as a digital mobile headquarters where volunteers can access campaign materials, network with other Kennedy supporters, and sign up for activities including petition drives, phone banking, canvassing, and more. 

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