Trainer: Community Outreach

Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced Community Outreach Trainer to provide comprehensive training and support to our field teams conducting community outreach actions. As a Community Outreach Trainer, you will be responsible for developing and delivering regular training programs and modules to volunteers and local organizers. Your work will focus on equipping volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed for effective voter education and volunteer recruitment through structured meetups and tabling activities.


The Community Outreach Team aims to educate prospective supporters, recruit new volunteers, and activate local organizers. It consists of two primary tasks:

  1. Meetups: Local voter education opportunities held at various locations such as schools, libraries, university campuses, or volunteers' houses. Includes presenting the Kennedy Shanahan platform and providing general education about the candidate and campaign.
  2. Tabling: Setting up tables or information booths at locations like farmers markets, conventions, trade shows, festivals, sporting events, parades, libraries, etc.


  • Meetups:

    • Train volunteers to identify and secure meetup locations.
    • Train and prepare volunteers to host and manage these sessions, ensuring consistency and impact across various settings.
        • Develop volunteers' skills in presenting engaging multimedia presentations about the Kennedy Shanahan platform, ensuring attendees gain a thorough understanding of the candidate’s policies and campaign goals.
    • Prepare and distribute promotional and educational literature.
  • Tabling:

    • Train volunteers to organize tabling sessions at strategic locations.
    • Train volunteers on effective tabling techniques, focusing on communication best practices, engagement strategies, material distribution, and data collection.
    • Prepare and distribute promotional and educational literature.
  • General Responsibilities:

    • Collaborate with campaign leadership to understand and align community engagement activities with overall campaign goals and strategies.
    • Report progress to senior campaign staff, providing insights and recommendations based on feedback and performance.
    • Work closely with local organizers and volunteers to ensure activities are well-coordinated and effectively executed.
      • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of training and engagement initiatives, collecting feedback to continuously improve strategies.


  • Previous experience in community organizing, tabling, local outreach, political campaigning, event organizing and/or management, or related fields is required.
  • Experience training and managing volunteers required
  • Exceptional written and oral communication, presentation, and training skills, with a knack for engaging diverse audiences.
  • Experience in developing and using multimedia educational tools (canvassing tools, CRM tools, slidedecks, videos).
  • Exceptional organizational and logistical planning abilities.
  • Passionate about the Kennedy Shanahan campaign and well-versed in its policies and goals.

How to Apply:

If you possess the outlined experience and skills, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience to [email protected]. In the subject line of the email, please write 'Application -  Trainer: Community Outreach'.


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