Jeanne Anderson

Jeanne Anderson

Florida Volunteer

Why I support RFK Jr

Robert Kennedy Jr. is clearly our best chance, and perhaps our last, to work together to restore hope in America’s future. Hope for a future that is free of corruption and endless war, in which all of us have the freedom and the opportunity to achieve our potential. Hope for an American government that truly serves the people, not the powerful corporations and their political servants.

One example of what we can do if we try: we can provide all American children with an evidence-based, empowering public education—one that gives them a fair chance of a prosperous, meaningful future. We are not doing that now—and it is not the fault of the teachers, or the families, or the children themselves. It is everyone’s fault. We are not trying hard enough; maybe we gave up.

Let’s start trying again. RFK’s candidacy is our chance to get our country back on track—but we are the ones who have to take that chance.

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