Is Mr. Kennedy an “anti-vaxxer?”

No, Mr. Kennedy is an advocate for safe vaccines. The proper safety studies have never been conducted: long-term, all-cause mortality studies comparing on-time, fully-vaccinated children to never-vaccinated children.

Mr. Kennedy has publicly said that vaccines are not safety tested, and has gone on to explain that he is referring to the fact that of all the vaccines children receive today, not one was tested in an inert placebo-controlled trial prior to licensure. As shown in the graphic on page 14 of this link, out of 38 vaccines on the market in 2019 (excluding flu vaccines), 35 were tested in trials where no one in the respective control groups received an inert placebo. [5] These vaccines were tested against previously licensed vaccines, some of them going back many decades without being tested against an inert placebo. By their definition, vaccines are immune activating and cannot function as inert placebos. Conducting "placebo controlled" trials in this manner ensures that documented serious reactions are approximately equivalent in both the control group and the group receiving the vaccine being tested. Three of the available vaccines were tested in studies where the control group was mixed between participants receiving inert and immune activating placebos. 

Please see this 2018 letter from HHS to ICAN where HHS stated, "Inert placebo controls are not required to understand the safety profile of a vaccine, and thus are not required" and ICAN’s reply, above, for further information. [6]

Furthermore, our nation’s health department has refused to perform a retrospective trial comparing all-cause mortality and health outcomes of on-time fully vaccinated children against never-vaccinated children.

Mr. Kennedy believes vaccination should be voluntary and based on informed consent. For consent to be truly informed, the underlying science must be unbiased and free from corporate influence.


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