Sarah Sturges

Sarah Sturges

I came to live out loud. Emile Zola. We are not choiceless, powerless, or by any means out of creative solutions. Now is the time to put the cell phones down, stand up and support our country. How exciting it will be to see it mend and flourish.

Why I support RFK Jr

I was raised a Republican, consider myself an old school liberal with a touch of libertarian. I am a single Mom, college educated, raising a daughter alone, no alimony, no child support, no or sporadic healthcare coverage, no retirement, paycheck to paycheck as a self-employed Massage Therapist. We can militarily protect our country and provide the basic decency of healthcare coverage and benefits to our middle class. I work day in and day out knowing I can't quit, can't get sick and will at the end of the day be judged as not doing enough to better myself in a system that clearly favors big corporations. My needs are few: healthcare, a paid day off and the peace of mind that I am leaving a future for my daughter that does not make her feel hopeless.

Why RFK? Well, JFK paid the price with his life desiring peace in the face of CIA motives to the opposite. The Kennedy family has a stellar reputation for serving the middle class. They disagree with him, he disagrees with them, but at the end of the day the conversations are had, the viewpoints are heard and love remains. I VALUE that he is brave enough to disagree with his family...a powerful family. What bravery that takes!!!! AND? He is not incorrect in his viewpoints or his stance on medical safety. Why do I say medical safety? Because you want me to say vaccines. The vaccine issue has been weaponized against him to avert your eyes from the true validity of his potential contribution to our country. He is not against, his stance has never been refuted and if you focus here (where they want you to focus); you will lose out on a powerful solution for our country. Why RFK?

* he stood up to his family

* he reluctantly took on the issue of medical safety for vaccines and was censored, ridiculed and demeaned, but he was not proven to be incorrect.

* he is a centrist candidate

* he has my back as a hard working member of the middle class

* he honors his father's legacy with his exceptional bravery and character

* Biden had a respectable history; he can not win and should not.

* Trump is without character and is a pathological narcissist. Not selfish; unwell. RFK brings the same hope of oligarchical reform as Trump, but with dignity, intellect and a tempered ego.

* he loves God 

* he fights for our planet: clean air, water, etc.

* as my Irish mother said "You can fall, but you can not lie down". RFK keeps getting up.

* he can take on corporate, military and tech dynasties that are the true destroyers of our democracy. He will reform, clean up captured agencies and return things to an even playing field.

* he is passionate and has the energy to provide the hope he promises.

* he is intelligent, amazing public speaker, passionate, has a deep political history as a Kennedy, a lawyer and a human. I treasure that he has made mistakes and owns them and is a recovering addict. I value ownership, the ability to express vulnerability and evolution.

* I have never been passionate about a candidate. I am about RFK. The depression I instantly felt when Trump was elected would turn to tears of joy at RFK's election.

Read about him, listen to his videos and PLEASE stop seeing him as the vaccine are smarter than that. You have a full year. Get off your phone, off the couch and get behind a candidate you can actually be proud of.

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