Inside 'The Real Debate' with RFK Jr.

Newsweek reports:  

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hosted his own version of Thursday night's debate after the criteria set by CNN excluded him, and he took a podium alongside the two candidates in a virtual contest.

Targeting both Biden and Trump, he was scathing at times and at one point condemned them saying: "Both these presidents swore to uphold the Constitution. They're both wearing American flag pins. That's easy to do. That's an accessory."

"I don't believe they have the right to wear those American flag pins," he added.

Kennedy staged his own event at a Los Angeles sound studio, in front of about 175 campaign volunteers and streamed it on X, formerly Twitter. Dubbed "The Real Debate," Kennedy took the stage alongside a giant screen streaming the debate between President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump.

After each question, the debate was paused and Kennedy was allotted time for his answer, and he attempted to distance himself from Trump and Biden.

Hosted by Emmy-winning journalist John Stossel, a well-known libertarian, the event afforded Kennedy the chance to address the issues raised in the debate while largely escaping criticisms heaped upon Biden and Trump.

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