In 3-Way Race, Independent Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Garners 24% Across 6 Battleground States

Siena College Research Institute reports:

“If 2024 turns into a Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump rematch with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as an independent, battleground state voters currently say it would be a very close contest, with Trump at 35%, Biden 33% and Kennedy 24%,” Dr. Don Levy, Director, Siena College Research Institute, said. “Trump only retains significant leads in Nevada and Georgia. Arizona and Pennsylvania move from the Trump column to dead even. And Wisconsin and Michigan remain very tight.

“It is noteworthy that among voters under 45 in those six states, RFK polls at 32%, Biden at 30% and Trump is at 29%,” Levy said. “Overall, while 18% of Democrats and 16% of Republicans say they would back RFK, 39% of independents would back Kennedy, compared to 28% for Biden and 25% for Trump.

“By two-to-one, 57-29%, voters across the states say economic issues (jobs, taxes, cost of living) are more important than societal issues (abortion, guns, democracy) when they determine who to support next year. While a plurality of Democrats says societal issues are more important, more than 60% of both Republicans and independents are making voting decisions based on economic issues,” Levy said.


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