How Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Wants to Make America Democratic Again

The Daily Telegraph reports:

 The last time an RFK challenged the sitting US president in a Democratic primary, amid the backdrop of record low polls, civil unrest, and war, he was assassinated.

While the parallels between Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 and son, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in 2023 are eerily similar, the surviving scion of the Kennedy political dynasty isn’t deterred by the spectre of a deep state assassination becoming another uncanny resemblance.

“It’s something that I’m aware of. You know, there are risks,” Kennedy said after announcing his candidacy and up-ending the 2024 election.

“As far as I’m concerned, there are worse things than dying, a lot worse. And one of those is that my kids will grow up in a country, an America, that doesn’t have freedom of speech. Where constitutional rights are conditional.”

Read the full article here and here (behind a paywall).

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