Debra Marsino

Debra Marsino

I'm a mom, grandma, animal lover, dental hygienist, & a college Biology instructor. I've been a technical rock climber, mountaineer, and backpacker for 40yrs. I've rescued and trained wild mustangs since I was 15yrs old. The outdoors is where I thriv

Why I support RFK Jr

I believe that he will bridge the divide in our country and heal the land.

He will stop the corruption of Big Corp., Big Pharma., Political agendas, and ridiculous government spending. He has been a lawyer fighting against all of them.

He is honest and will tell us the truth and the facts.

He is a patriot and loves our country and stands for our freedom and our constitution. 

He has indepth knowledge of our history and foreign affairs and knows what our country should be based on and what our soldiers died for. 

He sees what is wrong and changes it.

He isn't owned by anyone and he wants to serve the American people.

He will not allow mandates and censorship of the American people and let the government dictate what is right or wrong or censor our private money. 

He sees gun violence as a mental health and societal crisis. He won't allow guns to be taken from the American people. 

He will listen and change his mind if he has the facts. He does his research  before making a decision.

He will close the border and secure our country.

He will stop the wars and money grabbing politics. He will stop sending all our money and soldiers to fight other countries wars when we are in debt. We are not the world police. 

He will get us out of the WHO's takeover and the one world governing system that the UN and others are trying to put into place through one currency, one government, one healthcare system. 

He will find ways to help our economy and the middle class that are paying for it all and barely surviving. 

He will make our elections secure again. 

He will protect women's sports. 

He supports our local farmers and having quality food grown here in the US. 

He supports small businesses and single family homes.

He will deal with the homeless crisis and the mental and drug abuse on the streets. We need mental health institutions built again to help keep them safe. 

I hope he will stop us from buying oil from other countries that have no environmental regulations and allow us to be energy independent. He is wise and understands that we must have proper infrastructure for all energy to work for the country. He won't ban things that we need to survive. 

He loves all of God's beautiful creation. 



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