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Fundraising Challenge

Join Kennedy Supporters Nationwide in a Winter Fundraising Challenge

Win the chance to meet with RFK in your home state, score season tickets to our best 2024 events, or go whale-watching in Hawaii with Bobby and Cheryl! You don’t have to donate a penny, just spread the word about Kennedy 24 and use your unique profile ID to keep track of how many people you get to join the movement.

Just create and activate your Kennedy24 profile.



You will then get access to a library of Graphics, Memes, and Fliers, all customized for you with your unique Kennedy link and QR code.


Share these online to ask your friends and family to donate for the holidays.


Print them to hand out in your local community, at your holiday block party, outside a shopping center, or just about anywhere!


You can use your unique recruiter ID anywhere to keep track of how many new supporters and donors you identify. Once you sign up, you can view this QR code and recruiter ID link on your profile.


You can check the number of donors you've recruited on your profile page, and take pride in how much fuel you've brought into the movement.



Every time someone donates, you're one step closer to winning great prizes, including the best prize of all -- a Government You Trust.

Example Prizes


Feeling crafty?

Why not make some hats or tees, ornaments or baked goods to give away with every donation you receive? We have some tips from our grassroots creator community here.

Want to make it a party?

Create a grassroots event on the website to invite others near you to take part! Maybe you meet once to iron RFK designs on a hundred tees and again to hand them out for donations outside your local mall! Now that's people power.


Establishment politicians reward their big donors with corrupt appointments once they get into office. We're doing things differently. We're looking to you, our grassroots dynamo, to fuel this people's campaign.

To win, you don't have to raise the most money. You just have to bring in the most new donors to help grow our movement, even if each of them can only give $10.

If your efforts bring in the most donors in your state, you'll get to meet with RFK in person and share your hopes and dreams for this country. If your work brings in the most donors nationwide, you'll get your choice of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences to share with Bobby and his family.

Questions? Please contact [email protected]