Deron Patterson

Deron Patterson

Interested in ideas/actions that lend themselves to create an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling world for all of humanity.

Why I support RFK Jr

I find Robert F. Kennedy Jr to be the best candidate to lead America.  Most Americans identify politically as an Independent but seldom ever do we have a great independent candidate to cast an independent vote.  Now we do.  I'm supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr for President.  He is a strong advocate for our civil liberties.  Against censorship and control by the mega media and technology companies.  He is against the war in Ukraine.  A strong advocate for our environment and to boldly help all Americans to reclaim a healthy lifestyle, healthy foods, eliminate and lessen harmful chemicals applied to our food crops.  To put America first.  And not someone (Trump) who says "America first" but passes a massive tax cut whereby 84% of the proceeds go to the mega-rich.  And not a candidate (Biden) who wants to continue warring in Ukraine and other parts of the world.  Declare your Independence.  Contact the Kennedy campaign in your state to discover how you can sign a ballot petition so that you and others in your state have the opportunity to vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  Let's give the UNIPARTY i.e. the Democratic and Republican parties a 4-year sabbatical.


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