Did Mr. Kennedy compare Covid lockdowns to the Holocaust or claim life is harder today than it was for Anne Frank?

No, Mr. Kennedy never compared Covid lockdowns to the Holocaust. That is a deliberate misreading of what he obviously said. His point was that if the Nazi government had possessed the surveillance tools we have today, Anne Frank and Hitler’s other targets would have had no hope whatsoever of hiding or escaping. 

Mr. Kennedy was warning about new technologies of surveillance and control: ubiquitous cameras, AI facial recognition systems, 415,000 low-level satellites that are going to be looking at every square inch of the earth 24 hours a day, GPS and cell phone tracking, the tracking of every movement and every transaction. Even Hitler and Stalin never dreamed of such a level of totalitarian control technology. If we are not careful to rein these technologies in, we will have set up the full apparatus for “turnkey totalitarianism.”

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