Join the Kennedy Comms Community!

Are you interested in helping Kennedy2024 with communications and social media? If so, fill out the survey below! We will provide training and resources to get started.

As part of the Comms Community, you will have the opportunity to help with a variety of digital communications that are essential to the success of the RFK Jr. campaign.

Thousands of messages flow into the campaign through our email addresses, website, and social media platforms. We would love your help in making sure all of our supporters receive a prompt and personalized reply. In addition to inbound inquiries, we are seeking volunteers to help craft newsletters and promotional emails to drive engagement for dozens of community events happening each week in states throughout the country and to help manage social media pages.

Ideal candidates are passionate supporters of Mr. Kennedy, adept writers with professional experience in marketing/communications, graphic design, or social media management, and people who enjoy engaging with the public. We offer coaching, scripts, resources, and online conferences to enhance your skills and share insights. You will work with the national Communications, Field, and Fundraising teams.

Above all, you will be part of a fun, welcoming community of interesting and dedicated supporters! We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the team.

Could you help the campaign by creating outbound emails to promote volunteer-led events?