Joe Cook

Joe Cook

I'm a professional investor, an active citizen, and a humble guy. Lucky husband and father, amazed by God's grace, and always looking for happiness in the simple lessons of life. I'm rooting for America!

Why I support RFK Jr

I believe it's time to reboot the American political system and heal the divisions in our country. RFK Jr. is the only candidate who speaks with truth and kindness about how we bring reconciliation into the political sphere. His talking points on protecting freedom, rebuilding our home economy, and fixing the relationship between Big Business and Big Government are just the right things that America needs to get back on track. Meeting RFK Jr. in Boston impressed upon me that his tone and style are different from the battleground politics in Washington D.C. It’s time to declare independence from broken party politics. I support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President!

Recruiter URL

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