Rebecca Baldwin

Rebecca Baldwin

Teacher, online college English adjunct faculty, telefundraiser, genealogy researcher, occasional church musician

Why I support RFK Jr

I support Bobby Kennedy because he offers fresh perspectives to issues that leaders don't even bother to explain. A petty poisonous political atmosphere hangs over the country right now. Selfish pride and vanity of those in power comes before what many Americans want or need.  Clean air and water, wildlife, and unspoiled nature offers freedom and immeasurable health benefits but corporations conspire to take that away from us. Billions in tax dollars is spent to fund wars in foreign countries while needs of Americans here at home are ignored. "In God We Trust" is printed on our currency, but some members of Congress jump up and call for war so earnestly, I wonder if they are really salespeople working for commission for the Military Industrial Complex. The result of all this is that Americans are in chains. If you want to see how free you really are, walk away and see how far you get before your chains pull you back. Corporation rule American politics today - and corporation greed will turn your life upside down. I know because I've heard the stories of relatives who fought on all sides-miners, residents, deputies, military strategists-in the Battle of Blair Mountain, Logan County, WV during the Miner's March in the 1921. At the time, my grandmother was pregnant with my father. Eventually my grandparents and their six children were relocated to a federal tent which, to add insult to injury, was in an area named after my grandfather's mother's family. While there, my Aunt Tootsie needed a diaper change, and no diapers were around, so the red bandana that my grandfather wore around his neck was used. When it was safe, they returned home. Fast forward to today: recently, I have been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration and I've found other relatives who have it. We also have neurological problems, from epilepsy to brain cancer to Parkinson's Disease. Years ago when I was a child visiting Logan and Boone Counties in southern West Virginia, the water smelled like rotten eggs and common knowledge was that it smelled that way because of the mines. Sulphur in the water. Studies show there is also arsenic present when there is Sulphur in drinking water which can cause that neurological disease and ocular pathology (eye related problems). Corporations have no right to do this to people. People have a right to a life and that means clean water in their homes as well as decent and safe conditions with economic freedom, plus access to and their choice of affordable, quality medical care. You can say the the Battle of Blair Mt. in 1921 was a microcosm of what is happening in this country today.  It's up to us to reclaim our power and freedom that others conspire to take from us and Bobby Kennedy is the best presidential candidate to help us do that. We deserve better than the same ol,' same ol' leadership that doesn't help Americans, but just idles at the traffic light. So it's time for a change. RFK Jr. and his refreshing ideas can put this country on the right track! 

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