Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper

20 year Surface & Submarine US Navy Logistics Specialist; Lover of Freedom and Proud Patriot.

Why I support RFK Jr

I support RFK Jr. Because he represents the Average American on Main Street, not Wall Street. I also support him because he defends those who're treated unjust by others such as the residents of East Palestine Ohio who suffered from the railraod crash that spilled thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals into their town causing an estimated 300% rise in cancer cases. RFK Jr. Also supports Freedom of Speech among journalists and talk show hosts and is against Government led censorships on media sites. I also support his efforts to free Julian Assange. I also agree with the 14 policies he has on his website which is too many to list here! He is the only one talking about issues that affect regular Americans this election season. The other two candidates use fear of the other person as a way to get votes. I love the fact RFK Jr offers positive messaging in his campaign which has prompted me to take action and gather signatures here locally for him to be on the ballot in Arkansas.

Recruiter URL

Use this link to invite others to the campaign.