Special Opportunity for Boomers

Special Opportunity for Boomers

to ask Bobby a question

to ask Bobby a question


Boomers for Kennedy

If you want to know more about RFK Jr. and his campaign/policies, please record and submit a video of yourself or a Baby Boomer you know asking him a question.


Your question may be answered during a

Facebook virtual town hall event later this month.


Bobby would like to hear from his fellow baby boomers about the issues most important to them. Use this video form to upload a video of you asking Bobby a question about his policies.

Be sure to introduce yourself and include your home state before asking your question.

When you're ready, hit GET STARTED to record your video.

  • Capture the video as a "selfie," or have someone film you
  • Make sure your whole face appears on the screen
  • Please record your video in a quiet place and speak clearly
  • Please try to keep your video to 15 seconds or less

By uploading your video content, you are granting Kennedy '24 and its affiliates royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive rights and license to re-use this content.

Please ensure that your content respects ethical standards and does not contain any form of inappropriate material. Your commitment to these guidelines ensures an inclusive environment for all our community. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Bobby is running for President. His father is Robert F. Kennedy Sr., former US Attorney General, and his uncle is John F. Kennedy, former President of the United States.

As a devout Catholic, Bobby believes in being accountable to God, being honest, treating others with respect, and having integrity. He is married and has 7 children. He believes in respecting the environment and creating better living conditions for his grandchildren and future generations.

Yes. A recent poll shows that in a two-way race of Bobby vs. Biden, Bobby would win, and in a race of Bobby vs. Trump, Bobby would again win. As Bobby enters the national presidential debates there is a clear path to victory as more Americans learn about his character and policies.

Bobby represents the values boomers grew up with. As a boomer himself, Bobby will renew the peaceful and long-honored Kennedy legacy of God & country first. Bobby is hard-working and honest. He is a faithful husband, father, and grandfather, and a fierce fighter for justice, truth, and peace.

Yes. People who work hard should be able to afford a good life. Bobby advocates economic policies that will help restore the American middle class. His proposals include raising the minimum wage, supporting unions, providing affordable housing and childcare, lowering energy and drug costs, and ensuring corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

Yes. Bobby’s presidency will de-escalate conflicts abroad, bringing troops and resources safely home. Bobby will build up America’s infrastructure from within, including securing the southern border. Bobby’s America will be a force for peace in the world, a moral authority of healing, and a bastion of freedom and justice.

The rising generation deserves to live the American Dream where you can own a home and start a business. Bobby plans to make home ownership affordable again by implementing tax-free government-backed mortgage bonds, incentivizing cities to repurpose vacant properties, encouraging zoning changes to increase housing supply, and modifying the tax code to discourage corporate ownership of single-family homes. His policies aim to reduce mortgage costs, lower housing prices, and restore home ownership for working families.

A 30-minute mini-documentary of his life can be viewed here.

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