Bobby Kennedy, Jr.’s Heterodox Jobs Plan

Forbes reports:

Like other parts of Kennedy’s heterodox campaign, this economic plan draws on ideas from across the political spectrum. His plan has been termed “working class capitalism” or “populist capitalism”, but whatever term is used, Kennedy challenges the mainstream Democratic narrative, in a way that no other campaign is doing.

Beyond the individual policy challenges, Kennedy’s challenge to the Democratic leadership is a more fundamental one. His economics focus on class, not race or gender or the other identity categories that the Democratic party has become preoccupied with. For Kennedy, Americans need not be divided by race, gender or other identity categories. These categories are a distraction.

Kennedy’s economics does not idealize or romanticize working class voters; but neither does he approach them as “bitter clingers” or economic losers. He refuses to demonize rural voters, conservatives, or Republicans, and recognizes why these voters have moved to the Republican party. Their economic discontents need to be taken seriously and addressed.

While Kennedy’s populism stands out from other candidates, it finds echoes in a growing intellectual movement that is departing from the traditional populism on both the left and right. 

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