Jennifer Reinoehl

Jennifer Reinoehl

Jennifer Reinoehl is a jack-of-all-trades freelance author on She holds a B.A. in Theatre (costuming) and B.S. in Biology (pre-med) with an International Studies certificate.

Why I support RFK Jr

I have been involved in politics since before I could vote. In my teen years, I wasn't aware of third parties, but chose to volunteer with political organizations since I couldn't yet vote. Once I turned 18, I began voting in every election where I was able--but even from that first chance I have never, to the best of my knowledge, voted a straight ticket. For the past two decades, I have been patiently writing in my presidential candidate of choice--sneaking bits of paper with the proper spelling on it into the ballot area because my state prohibits anything with a candidates name on it in the voting area. In 2020, I discovered the Democrat party had fought against the Green Party and Communist party from making it on the ballot in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and several other states so they wouldn't "steal" their votes. I certainly don't agree with everything Mr. Kennedy agrees with, but the most important things to me: ballot access, freedom of speech, and freedom to choose which vaccines you get based on solid research, is at the top of my list for a good president. I also agree we need a big wall with welcome centers at each of the gates on our border to help those immigrating legally but keep out drugs and people being trafficked illegally. Mr. Kennedy fits that bill, and I believe in the places we don't agree he will be most willing to listen to me and other voters. 

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