RFK Jr.: How Big Oil Punishes Environmentalists And Human Rights Defenders

Corporate capture hasn’t just infiltrated our governmental agencies – it’s crept into our legal system, too.

In 2013, Steven Donziger, a brave human rights and environmental lawyer, helped Amazonian communities in Ecuador win a landmark $10 billion lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador’s Supreme Court. Chevron had been dumping billions of gallons of cancer-causing oil waste onto Amazonian ancestral lands, poisoning communities’ waters, and contaminating one of the richest rainforests on the planet with toxins.

Then, Chevron used its power to have Steven imprisoned and put under house arrest for almost three years. It was retaliation, pure and simple, and the nation’s first corporate prosecution of an attorney. It’s harrowing not only for Steven and his clients, but for everyone who believes in free speech and freedom from corporate control.

This is how huge corporations and our country’s most powerful industries send a warning to any environmentalist or human rights attorney who may challenge them.

When I’m president, I will give Steven Donziger the full presidential pardon he deserves. But Steve shouldn’t have to wait for justice. Help me pressure President Biden – who claims to be pro-environment – to pardon Steve now.



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