NYC - all 5 boros, NY
Thu, 07:30 PM EDT

NYC for Kennedy - Zoom Meet-Up for volunteers so we are READY to go on April 16th!!!

Hello friends and Bobby supporters. Please attend this important Zoom meeting as we get ready for petitioning to begin on April 16th. Meet other volunteers and your boro coordinators. Confirm how to get petitions and learn the rules for signature collection (Not difficult but important to do it right!!). We have a great team of volunteers and we need more so we can get a huge number of signatures and make a statement. After Bobby is on the ballot, WE are going to be an integral part of the campaign, but it must start with getting him on the ballot. Whether you just want to know where you can sign, or whether you want to collect signatures from your personal contacts, or whether you want to be part of our city-wide collections efforts, please attend this meeting and get involved. Join us in making history!



April 11, 2024

Thu, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM EDT



NYC - all 5 boros, NY 10005
United States
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Barry Seidel