Team Kennedy Ballot Access HQ

Welcome to our campaign Ballot Access HQ. The establishment candidates cruise to ballot access while forcing independents like us to gather more than 1 million signatures. But their rigged system is no match for our surging populist movement. Come November 2024, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be on the ballot in all 50 states and DC and he will become the next president of the United States.

Ballot access is the signature gathering process that candidates must complete in each state for their name to appear on the ballot on Election Day. Each state has its own signature requirement, petitioning start date, and filing deadline. As a people-powered campaign, we’re counting on you, our volunteers, to grab a clipboard, join a canvass, and sign up your friends, families, coworkers, and communities.

Our ballot access can be broken up into stages. Once your state opens for petitioning, our field team and volunteers will gather signatures at regular high-traffic canvasses of busy public areas. Good locations include post offices, public university campuses, DMVs, libraries, busy sidewalks, and events like fairs, festivals, and football games.

Each week our volunteers will deliver their signatures to their state field leadership, who will mail them to our secure national signature vault in Southern California. At the vault, the signatures will be scanned and validated by comparing each one to the voter file, a public record of voter names and addresses. This process will tell us how many valid signatures we have and how many more we need to collect.

Our field team in each state will continue petitioning until we’ve reached the number of signatures we need plus a large buffer. When the deadline approaches in each state, the petitions will be sent back to their states and turned in. The states will then validate the signatures themselves to affirm that we have enough, after which they will certify that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a qualified presidential candidate in that state and print his name on the ballot.

To get involved, sign up to volunteer and check the ballot access box on our volunteer page. Then head to our events map to sign up for signature canvasses and general events in your state. Our field team will reach out after you sign up to volunteer. We will also contact you for upcoming national petitioning trainings.