The American Independent Party Places RFK Jr. On the Ballot In California

The Associated Press reports:  

The American Independent Party (AIP) of California announced today that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been nominated for President of the United States and Nicole Shanahan for Vice President. The Kennedy-Shanahan ticket will officially appear on behalf of the AIP on California’s ballot in this year’s November 5th General Election.

The American Independent Party is California’s third largest qualified political party, with over 835,000 registered voters in the state.

Kennedy and Shanahan were nominated to represent the party at the AIP’s State Central Committee biennial convention in Sacramento this weekend. Today the state party chairman filed all necessary paperwork with the California Secretary of State, officially placing the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket on the ballot in California this fall.

“The American Independent Party connects positive, visionary, and independent candidates with California voters,” said Victor Marani, AIP State Chairman. “We all deserve to find inspiration at the ballot box. Our party is pleased to provide the opportunity for all 22 million voters in California to vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President. Voters crave a real leader who will unite America.”

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