How it works

Sign up as an affiliate with our partner LinkConnector. Once approved, you’ll get a personalized tracking code, access to reports that show in real time how your campaigns are performing and how much money you are making for the campaign, and you.

Order a starter kit of door hangers featuring your own unique 
Kennedy QR code.

There is also plenty of digital ad creative available for you.

Hang door hangers in your hometown and tell everyone you see why they should donate to support RFK Jr.’s fight against the corrupt two-party system, even if it’s just $5.

Or use ad creative wherever you have an audience - on your socials, blogs, podcasts, and pretty much anywhere else digital you can imagine.

Cash out 15% of everything you raise over $100 and 10% of all merch you sell, which will be sent to you digitally through our partner LinkConnector.

We know times are tough. That’s why we’re offering hard-working Americans some extra income, while fighting for a future where you won’t need it.