Campaign Stop Brings Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to Salt Lake City

Fox 13 reports:

Running for president as an independent candidate, Robert F Kennedy, Jr. continued his campaign Thursday with a stop in Salt Lake City.

Kennedy has been a lifelong Democrat, but for the past decade he said he’s been drifting away from the party. In October, he announced he would be running as an independent for president.

According to Kennedy’s campaign, Utah has the first ballot access deadline in the country, so they are trying to collect more than 1,000 signatures in the next three weeks. Standing in front of about 700 people in downtown Salt Lake City, Kennedy said he worked to get the support he needed to be on a presidential ballot in 2024.

“My plan for the next 12 months and the over the next 8 years in the White House, is to end this division among regular Americans," he said.

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