Five Worries Keeping Biden and Democrats Up at Night

The Hill reports:

The Biden campaign is not complacent, and there are lingering fears among Democrats and the larger Bidenworld about how a number of issues from inflation to the crisis in Gaza could hurt the president in the fall.

Here’s what keeps the Biden campaign up at night: 

#1: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Biden this week received one of the only endorsements that will matter this election — the backing of Camelot.

The Kennedy clan threw their arms around Biden in a major campaign rally this week while basically snubbing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who is running a third-party bid for the White House.

None of this means Kennedy is diminished in the presidential race. In fact, he’s becoming a bigger threat.

Kennedy this week secured a spot on the ballot in Michigan, a battleground state Biden desperately needs to win but where he appears quite vulnerable. And he is likely to be on the ballot in other key states, including Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.

In what is shaping up to be a low enthusiasm/low turnout race, Kennedy could become a viable option to voters who feel turned off by Biden and Trump.

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