Gregory Alterton

Gregory Alterton

40+ year career in public policy and legislative affairs. Former long-time Republican. Native Californian. History buff.

Why I support RFK Jr

We need a new vision of leadership, not a vision that is 50 years in the past.  We need leadership that lessens tensions both across the world and in our own country. We need a rejuvenated vision of what makes America special and what makes us great. We need leadership that stops dividing us, that ends the deliberate use of hatred of one group for another as a means to "win" political elections.  Robert Kennedy Jr. is the right candidate at the right time to bring real change to the way things are done in government and in the country.  

I've been a registered Republican most of my life. In 2016 I re-registered independent. Over the past six years I've soured on politics, thinking that in 2024 I wouldn't vote for anyone. But then about four months ago I started watching and listening to every podcast I could find with Robert Kennedy Jr. on it, and I realized that he never said a thing that I disagreed with. Well, there were some things I disagreed with, but those pale in comparison to the larger issues of war and peace, corporate/government corruption, issues of personal liberty and wider civil rights such as freedom of speech and expression, freedom of conscience and thought, and the need to find and emphasize the values that should unite us. I thought that nothing could be more liberating than registering independent. Then I found something even more liberating: finding a candidate I could be proud of supporting.

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