Carin Winter

Carin Winter

Carin is a lover of freedom and democracy.

Why I support RFK Jr

RKF stands for everything I believe in including: free speech and personal freedom. 

Robert believes in keeping our economy strong and free and our environment safe and clean.

Robert fearlessly and bravely stands up to fight corporate greed and exposes the truth.

He has fought Monsanto and won.

He supports safe and effective medicine. But he has the courage to unapologetically question the safety testing within the pharmaceutical industry and institutions that are seeking their own self-interests rather then those of the American people.

This topic is important to me after losing my beautiful sister Beth Winter to a side effect of Paxil in 2003. My family fought hard and attended FDA hearing and advocating for Black Box Warning Labels on all SSRIs.  

I have heard him speak many times and to add clarity on this topic, in my humble opinion, he is not against vaccinations. That is not true. He never said that. He is simply and reasonably asking for longer and more robust research, transparency and accountability, which is fair. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a true democrat. He is mindful, embodies  humility, kindness and good heartedness.


Robert works diligently to research facts and advocates for better science and always stands up for the forgotten people. 🙏

Robert has done more to support oppressed communities then many of our leaders.

He has also done incredible work in helping the fishing community which is important to me since my husband is a fisherman for a living. 🎣

Robert's work in supporting environment 🌲🌎🐋causes has exceeded the vast majority of all American politicians.

Join the revolution for truth, freedom and righteousness. #RFK2024

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