26,000 Voters Say RFK Jr. Can Win It All

Washington Examiner reports:

When 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Wednesday called President Joe Biden the “spoiler” of the election, the independent was referring to a campaign poll suggesting that only he could beat former President Donald Trump in the fall.

Most of the headlines focused on the “spoiler” comment and Kennedy’s challenge to Biden to see where the race stands in October and for the real spoiler to drop out, presumably Biden.

However, most of the stories didn’t present the data from the firm John Zogby Strategies, the Secrets partner for our weekly White House report card.

In their survey, the firm quizzed a massive 26,408 likely voters in all states to figure out where the race stood in the electoral vote count. The results for each state were presented, and the Kennedy campaign packaged them in graphics.

Against Biden, for example, Kennedy’s maps showed that he would beat the president in a Reagan-sized blowout. The map showed Kennedy with 367 Electoral Votes to Biden’s 171.

“President Biden can’t win. In fact, if Trump drops out, Kennedy wins in a 196 electoral vote landslide,” Kennedy said.

It also showed him beating Trump on the electoral map, winning the bare minimum but enough, 270-268. “And if President Biden were to drop out, Kennedy wins again — the only scenario in which President Trump competes and loses,” he said.

Overall, in a head-to-head of Biden vs. Trump, the poll of over 26,000 showed Trump in charge, 294-244. “The only spoiler in the race is President Biden. He is the one who cannot win against either candidate and whose presence gives Trump the victory instead of Kennedy,” said his campaign’s poll analysis.

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